Video of NASA Perseverance rover landing on Mars…

Local and Remote Friends of Fred,

Here’s a cool video of the NASA Perseverance rover landing on the surface of Mars last week:

It’s a 50-minute press conference with lots of video clips, and explanations by the NASA team members of what you’re seeing. There’s also an hour of Q&A at the end. Less interesting — feel free to skip.

50 minutes too long? How about 30 minutes? Watch at 2X speed with the interactive transcript scrolling by so you can read any parts that were too chirpy to hear. For the short embedded video clips, use normal 1X speed. No need to use super slow-mo 0.25X speed because they already show them in slow-mo, stopping occasionally to point out specific things.

For details on how to change the speed and activate the interactive transcript, see:

30 minutes too long? Skip most of the chatter and just see:

- 90-second explanation of camera locations on lander, sky crane, etc:

- First 3-minute video:

- 10-minute video with audio explanation of what you’re seeing, and some slow-mo:

You can also use left/right arrow keys to jump 5 secs back/forward, and space bar to pause/resume.

Thousands of pics and more info at:

— Fred



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