Senior Java or Python AWS dev needed in Wayne PA ($180K-$215K/year)…

Job seekers,

Interested in this one?

- Senior or Lead AWS Developer Java or Python
- Duties:
— Modernize legacy monolithic system into event driven, serverless,
microservices AWS architecture
— TDD (Test Driven Development)
— Create AWS cloud native microservices
— Simple serverless solutions
— Great CI/CD pipelines
— Integrate with ML/DS team to create data first platform
- Desired:
— Experience building Enterprise level AWS serverless systems
— Software craftsmanship
— Agile
— SOLID principles (Single-responsibility, Open-closed, Liskov
Interface segregation, Dependency inversion)
— Event driven architectures
— Microservices
- Tools:
— Python and/or Java, Node, Javascript, etc.
— SQL and NoSQL
— AWS: EC2, ECS, S3, Lambda, RDS, Athena, Glue, Redshift, SQS, Kinesis
- FTE only, not consultant
- Wayne PA
- $180K — $215K+ total guaranteed compensation, plus:
— 4% 401K match
— 6+ weeks PTO

— Fred



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