How to watch the impeachment trial more efficiently…

Voter Tips fans,

Want to watch the impeachment trial, but not spend all day at it?

You could just watch the highlight clips on your favorite news site or TV station, but then you’re getting their bias. Even if you skip their commentary, you’re just seeing the bits they chose to show you.

Instead, you may want to fire up the YouTube video of an entire day and scroll through the “interactive transcript” to read ahead quickly to the parts that look interesting and just watch those. Or search the transcript for a specific topic via Ctrl-F or Cmd-F, and watch that part of the video.

Can also watch at higher speed. The voices get a little chirpy, but you can still make out the words.

For details of how to do all of this, plus closed-captioning if you want to turn off the audio, foreign language translation, etc., see:

You can find the videos with a Google search like:
“impeachment trial video c-span”
Adding “c-span” gets you the raw C-SPAN videos, with no news anchors giving color commentary. Adding “” finds only videos at YouTube, so you can use the automatically generated interactive transcript, speed controls, etc.

Specifically, see:
- Day 1: Tue 2/9 —
- Day 2: Wed 2/10 —
- Day 3: Thu 2/11 —

— Fred



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