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Tips fans, and friends of Fred,

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As some of you know, I’ve been writing and mailing daily tips on a variety of topics for many years. I now have several new series queued up and will begin sending them out to my mailing lists.

Total volume is only one tip per day, even if you’re on all 3 dozen of my lists. Each a stand-alone bite-sized nugget. One screen or less. Don’t let them pile up. Delete if the subject or 1st sentence doesn’t grab you. Otherwise learn something useful in 30 seconds.

Topics sent to different lists will include:

1. Internet Tips:

How to use a URL like in tricky ways: To not only open a Web page but also scroll to and highlight some specified text. To send or receive email. To make a phone call. To view a specified segment (start/stop times) of a YouTube video. To link deeply into a web site.

Also, how to bypass the login screen of a “paywall” and read the article for free. etc…

2. Career Tips:

How to love your current job. How to get good raises. How to find a new job. Anecdotes about tricks I’ve used to get some of my jobs. etc… Good info for you, or for friends and family.

3. Finance Tips:

How to retire at age 55 like I did. Stocks to buy or not buy in the heat of COVID, and as COVID is easing. How to choose stocks in general. Horror stories from when I did it badly. etc…

4. Windows User Tips:

5. Mac User Tips:

6. Unix/Linux User Tips:

How to create canned shortcuts for “deep links” to go to specific pages of web sites, but specifying at the last second what info to find there. Links to look up a specified stock price, to get directions to a specified street address, to download a specified IRS form, to search for a specified person at Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter, to do a search at Google, YouTube, or Wikipedia, to see a graph of job trends in specified computer languages and technologies, etc.

All without any mouse pointing/clicking. From the Windows, Mac, or Unix/Linux command line, or from the browser address bar.

How to securely pre-fill your password for banking sites.

How to manipulate the paste buffer, filtering/sorting it, massaging the copied text, converting to normal single and double quote chars, keeping a log of past copied values, automatically expanding your own custom abbreviations or fix common typos before you paste, etc…

7. Computer Security Tips

How to avoid being hacked, why to care if you were hacked, how to break into any Windows computer, how to use Zoom w/o installing it, some of my own horror stories about when I got hacked in 2002 and was the first to report it to the FBI, the US CERT team, McAfee, and Norton. etc…

8. Agile Software Development Tips:

How to avoid being “rigidly” Agile. Fundamental reasons that Agile works and Waterfall doesn’t. Success stories. Horror stories. etc.

9+. And about 30 other categories, each to its own list.

Cloud Computing, Consultants, Job Wanted, Career, Jokes, Coronavirus, Golf, Ping Pong, Voting, etc.

Plus tips for various computer programming topics: Agile, JavaScript, Python/Django, Java, XML, SQL, NoSQL, Groovy/Grails, Android, C++, Perl, MS ASP, MS VB, etc.

Interested in any of these lists? See:


— Fred



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